Investment Philosophy

Consistency, Commitment and Research

At Hochman Cole Investment Advisors, we believe that no single investment strategy will outperform the overall market every year.  However, a diversified investment approach combined with a disciplined strategy has greater potential to outperform over time.  You can count on us to always:  

Focus on the long term:  Chasing returns is a formula for failure.  With a clinical approach, the frequent ups and downs of the markets are less likely to disturb you, much less influence your portfolio decisions.  

Create a diversified portfolio:  The highly customized portfolio that we build for you will be designed using our own research and analytics.  We believe that no two clients are exactly the same in terms of their investment goals or financial challenges.  Each portfolio ends up reflecting the individual client and is specific to his or her needs.  Your portfolio will be diversified across a broad spectrum of investment products that may include stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds and private money managers, depending on your personal goals.  

Maintain diligent oversight:  Markets change.  Companies change.  Circumstances change.  What may have been a good investment a year ago may no longer fit your investment needs.  We track the progress of your portfolio’s performance toward reaching your investment goals, periodically rebalancing and making new recommendations.  You trust us to watch the markets and analyze how developments are affecting your portfolios.