Our Services

Retirement Planning


  • Combining investment, cash flow and tax planning for retirement.
  • IRAs and Rollovers.
  • Minimizing tax consequences of receiving a lump sum distribution.
  • Determining and customizing an appropriate investment portfolio for each individual client, based upon their personal needs and goals.
  • Structuring retirement income to meet a client’s specific needs.
  • Evaluating company pension plan choices
  • Selecting the most appropriate type of retirement plan for an individual or small business owner.

Investment Management

Through Hochman Cole Investment Advisors, Inc. a SEC Registered Investment Adviser and an affiliated company, investment portfolios are developed and managed to meet short and long-term investment needs, such as education planning, planning for retirement or wealth accumulation. 013-business-objects

  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Individual stocks, bonds, and CDs
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Unit Investment Trusts

We will customize a portfolio using a combination of the above investment vehicles, taking into account the client’s age, risk tolerance, goals and time horizon.

007-taxesTax Planning

  • Reducing or avoiding Federal and State income taxes to the extent practical.
  • Structuring a portfolio attempting to control federal income and capital gain taxes to the extent practical using appropriate investment products.

Estate Planning

009-housesProvide for the ongoing management and ultimate distribution of assets while minimizing expenses and federal estate taxes to the extent practical

  • Recommendations for wills, trust, advanced directives for asset management and healthcare and other estate planning strategies.
  • Determining the amount and type of life insurance to be purchased to eventually pay federal estate taxes while keeping the proceeds out of the client’s estate.
  • Analyzing charitable giving strategies.
  • Structuring a family business succession plan.
  • Providing for ongoing management of assets if desired.

Risk Management

Providing for family and protecting assets with the prudent use of insurance, such as:  002-business-objects

  • Life insurance for family protection.
  • Disability insurance to protect the loss of income.
  • Long term care insurance

Financial Education Services

025-familyHochman Cole Investment Advisors, Inc. presents educational seminars to small and large corporations and non-profit organizations in all areas of financial planning. Our seminars are designed to help both the employer and employee understand the process and how a sound financial plan can help achieve their goals. If you are reducing your staff, offering early retirement to employees, or would like to provide an overview of financial planning to help your employees reach their goals, we can design and present a highly personalized educational seminar.